About Me

Welcome To My World: My Life in Light and Story


My passion for photography bloomed early, at the tender age of 12, in the vibrant streets of Rome, my city of birth. There, my eye learned to dance with light and shadow, composing stories within each frame. Yet, life is a winding road, and in my early 20s, I found myself swept away by the magic of classical music theatre in Hungary. Immersed in the drama of stage lights and sets, I further honed my understanding of storytelling and the evocative power of visual language.

But the call of the camera was undeniable. In 2005, I moved to the UK and rediscovered the joy of capturing fleeting moments in street photography and the untamed beauty of wildlife. However, the artistic allure of portraiture and boudoir drew me in, leading me to delve deeper under the guidance of skilled mentors. This path has brought me face-to-face with countless inspiring individuals, enriching my photographic journey with their unique stories and returning their trust in the form of cherished memories captured in exquisite images.

Driven by a spirit of adventure, I took a leap of faith in 2017, launching LMeek Photography. Today, I wear many hats – from portraits and boudoir to fashion and weddings. A niche passion for luxury product photography and captivating expositions allows me to explore the diverse world of commercial photography as well. My camera is my passport, and I’m happy to travel across the UK, Europe, and beyond to translate your vision into stunning visuals.

Whether you’re in Esztergom or Budapest, or anywhere in the world, let me capture your story in the language of light.

Seeking timeless portraits that capture your essence?

From bite-sized 45-minute sessions to in-depth 3-hour adventures, I offer tailored packages to match your needs and desires. Get in touch, and let’s create something truly special together!